D&H strongly believes that by supporting grassroots organisations in the community, the community will be a better place to live.

And while D&H supports a range organisation’s the company focuses its donations primarily to The Terry Campese Foundation.

Who we support

  • QBN Roos Rugby League
  • QBN Yowies Basketball
  • QBN Rodeo
  • Lyons Club


‘I’ve been privileged to play footy at the top level and I’ve always had tremendous support and that really means a lot to me. Having had plenty of time to think while on the injury list, I decided it was time to give something back. Dale and Hitchcock has supported me since the Foundation first began to say they’ve gone beyond all expectations is an understatement.

Even though I’ll be in the UK for the next couple of years The TCF will continue with the support of organisations such as Dale and Hitchcock.

I have a particular interest in helping young people who need help in Queanbeyan, Canberra and Southern NSW and will hopefully have more time to personally give in years to come. The Foundation’s co-director Pamela Slocum (0411 75 9989) will run the Foundation in my absence. To all of you at Dale and Hitchcock who continue to support The Foundation I thank you most sincerely, I am really very grateful and with your continued support we will help many more people in need.’